Top 5 Traits You Need for Your Career in Customer Service

Take a moment to recall a time when you were a customer in a customer service call. Was the representative on the other end courteous? Did they listen actively and know the details about the product or service at issue? What could have been done better? And most importantly, was your issue resolved?

It’s a good idea to understand the qualifications and skills needed to first succeed in this job and then turning it into a career. If you are someone who loves engaging with people and helping others getting the most out of the products or services that they purchased, then you have taken the first step right in choosing your career path.

While many customer service interactions can be pleasant, you may also encounter more potentially contentious scenarios that require a cool head, and let’s face it; thick skin.

Here are some personal qualities that can define a high-performing customer service professional:

  • Communication Skill – The ability to interact on a case-by-case basis and articulate thoughtfully is the basis of fruitful communication in a customer service setting.
  • Emphatic – Empathy can be a byproduct of good communication skill, and makes the customer feel that their issues are being truly heard and attended to; that you truly “care” and “being there” for them.
  • Patient – You often work under specific time constraints, but the more you exercise patience to work through each interaction, the better it becomes for both parties.
  • Active Listening – Active listening skills requires of you to be “in the moment” and truly listening (and not just hearing) to a customer’s issues and concerns.
  • Problem-Solver – Thinking proactively, and often creatively; can make customers feel that you are on their side in helping them reach a solution.

As the customer experience becomes increasingly critical, so too does your role as a customer service professional practitioner. Businesses are now striving to engage not only their customers, but also those who provide front line of service. As a result, career planning is the key driver of your engagement in this industry. With the right attitude and skillset, you will soar higher above the rest.

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