How to Stay Relevant with Telesales?

Sales within a contact centre encompasses inbound sales, outbound sales, cross-selling, up-selling, reservations handling, telesales, telemarketing, lead generation services etc.

Digital marketing via social media, content marketing etc. has been gaining tremendous momentum in recent years and is certain to replace traditional marketing tactics such as telesales in the near future, if not already. People are no longer interested to receive telesales calls and have the means to ignore and block them altogether. Additionally, consumers have the option to shop online, which will eventually turn the whole premise of telesales redundant!

Despite the challenges, telesales still has its own advantages which cannot be replaced by digital marketing. Businesses employ telesales as a means of connecting and interacting with their customers over the phone with a human touch to the turn cold prospects into warm prospects over time, and converting sales regardless of the type of products or services sold.

To stay relevant, businesses incorporate telesales together with other marketing strategies; ultimately the human touch over the phone aided by best practice training, relevant scripting methodologies and on-hand operational processes is still valuable to obtain targeted results.

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