Good Customer Service Equals Customer Loyalty?

Do all businesses want to retain their customers by keeping them happy? YES!

Today’s consumers have a large number of channels where they can get in touch with your business and with customer experience revolution in place, customer expectations around response times are also very clear; they want prompt responses to their queries via the channel of their choice.

It is essential to ensure that the service they obtain via each channel/touchpoint is consistent, across the board, to get the same overall perception i.e. a positive customer experience journey with your business and for the business this effort builds customer loyalty.

How do you determine what “good customer service” is? According to Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trend Reports 2020:

  1. 62% of customers wants quick resolution of issues faced
  2. 42% of customers wants support to be available 24/7 i.e. real time
  3. 33% of customers wants friendly support agents.


Now we know what customers look out for from your business, are you ready to speak to us?